General FAQs

Always Me By Anne Li is a Nigerian brand that is produced in Nigeria. All materials are locally sourced and all products are locally produced by a team of Nigerian designers and tailors.

Ankara fabric is the name Nigerian’s use for African Print fabric, which is predominantly used for the Always Me products. Ankara fabric is 100% cotton.

Always Me was introduced into the SA market late 2016. The brand has exhibited at the Mama Magic in Cape Town and Johannesburg and is a Finalist in the 2016 Mama Magic New Product Awards, as Winner of the Play Category.

All products undergo a high level of quality control before they get to you. They also undergo a rigorous product development process where they are tested by babies and children to determine the usability, safety, etc. Only when the babies and kids give a thumbs up are the products made available for sale.


The playmats are padded with microfiber. They are nice and soft to make the playmat safe for your baby even on hard surfaces such as tile, stone, and wood.

The playmats are great for tummy time, learning how to sit, roll, and crawl. They are also great for story-time and thus are extremely useful in the first year of a baby’s life.

However they can be continuously used as the baby grows into a toddler for storytime, changing and playing with stacking blocks.

The playmats are not mass-produced. They are carefully designs, crafted, and hand-made by designers and tailors in Nigeria. Each piece is original and produced only once.

Yes, you can. As each piece is unique, we are able to take custom orders that are customized in line with your existing theme or colours. Lead-time for South Africa for customized orders is 4-6 weeks upon confirmation of design. You can also get your child’s name stitched on the playmat if you choose to custom order.


Yes, they are. Wood is naturally anti-bacterial. It’s true! Bacteria generally do not sustain life for long and do not duplicate on wood like it can on plastic. The teethers have been made according to International teething ring standards and have passed all CPSC product safety regulations.

Crinkle squares

When Baby is 3 months old it can’t yet hold heavy things, but loves to be entertained and can usually make a fist. This lightweight toy is the baby’s best companion and can keep the little one entertained while you wash the dishes, in the car, etc.

The bright colours and the ribbon taggies make this toy one of the baby’s favourites. Trust us!


Yes, they are 100% cotton and super soft, to make sure they protect the baby’s skin.


The shorts are everyday shorts, however, they can also be used for a quick dip if you so wish. The fabric dries quite quickly in the sun.

Nursing Pillows

The pillows are padded with microfiber.

This pillow is a multi-purpose pillow and can be used before the baby arrives, especially for lower back support while sitting, to sleep in those last few weeks, as well as to find a comfortable position during labor. Once the baby is born the pillow is great for support while nursing. It wraps around you completely giving extra lower back support in addition to arm support. Baby can also use the pillow as a boppy pillow and learn how to sit, have fun during tummy time and sleep on.

Once the baby grows into a toddler the pillow can be used to cuddle, sleep with, and sit on. We have also seen elderly people purchase this pillow as well as some men to aid them when playing PlayStation.